Writing on this blog has been neglected for far too long. I have become a master of not doing something that I actually enjoy doing once I bring myself to actually do it. For many people they likely experience something similar when it comes time to go to the gym. You know it’s good for you, you never regret going, and yet going is often a struggle.

In the past I’ve tried to set ambitious goals, telling myself things like “starting tomorrow I want to write at least five hundred words every single day.” Or setting myself up to fail by not being willing to just write half-formed thoughts, or share rough ideas, feeling that everything published here needs to be perfect.

What I forgot is that writing on here has never been about you, the reader. Writing on here has always been for me. A way for me to organize my thoughts, work through ideas, expand on something that doesn’t neatly fit into a tweet. I want this space to be a space where I don’t need to pretend to have all the answers, but maybe just offer some of questions that are swirling through my head at any given time, on any given topic.

Having a record of what I was thinking at a moment in time can also serve as a valuable asset to revisit in the future, to see how my thinking has evolved, or how a trend has gone in a radically different direction than I imagined in the past.

My friend Khe Hy has written about heroic consistency. Avoiding the trap of the “super-habit” and instead focusing on being heroic at consistency. Doing a little bit regularly, and activating the benefits of compounding. In 2019 I want to approach writing with that mindset. I want to aim to write and publish something here every single week. Maybe some weeks I will write more than once, but I want to hold myself accountable for sharing something here every single week. I’m excited to see what I create, what I learn, and what this habit turns into by the end of the year. This space is for me, but if you somehow found yourself here, it is also for you too. Please feel free to get in touch to chat about anything you read here going forward.