There was an interesting article in the New York Times this week about the issues with movie streaming services, focusing specifically on Netflix. The article goes into detail about complex legacy deals between Hollywood studios, cable providers, and various networks, which essentially ensure that the newest movies don’t end up on a streaming service like Netflix until years after they were originally released. The history of the web, especially in recent years has taught us that disruption of large and slow incumbents almost always emerges from the outside. After reading this article, I immediately began searching for someone who was working on this problem, and I soon came across VHX. VHX so clearly looks like the future. It is built for content creators. VHX provides the functionality for anyone to easily, and inexpensively distribute music or video to others. With the continuing rise, and widespread adoption of crowdfunding to help creators bring their projects to fruition, VHX seems like it is filling a natural need in the ecosystem. Hollywood’s inability, and unwillingness to innovate quickly was Netflix’s opportunity, and it has proved to be Kickstarter’s opportunity, and now I firmly believe that VHX will play an integral role in the future of content distribution. I have some interesting ideas around the powerful platform VHX could build going forward, but I am excited to see the company grow, and build the future.